We are an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian online publication that intends to create an environment emphasizing bewitchment. We are interested in ideas relating to the intersections of occultism and transhumanism. We want to empower our readers with a better understanding of this complicated state of affairs that is the 21st century and open a dialogue on not only where we want to take our future, but how to get there as well.

Who are you, really?

We are occultists and transhumanists, anti-capitalists and anarchists, metamodern absurdists and time-displaced cyberpunks. We point our guns at both the aimless, confused postmodern world and the creeping reactionary shadows of the past. All self-destructive memes are in our sights. As transhumanists, we follow the traditions once laid by hermetic alchemists of the far past, as we look towards the future. As anarchists, we follow the gnostic tradition of rejecting all authority that would suppress us, even spiritual ones. We see anarcho-transhumanism as the modern equivalent of the occultist’s Left Hand Path, the goal is self-deification on a species-wide level.

We’re just a bunch of pseudonymous, unpaid contributors with a shared interest in the hermetical.

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