The Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner, Wolfi Landstreicher

Post-Scarcity Anarchism by Murray Bookchin

The Abolition of Work by Bob Black

Nihilist Communism by Monsiour Dupoint

The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee

To Our Friends by The Invisible Committe

Desert by Anonymous

The Chronicles of Anarchy by A. Wretch

Liber Anarkhos by A. Wretch

Pagan Anarchism by Christopher Scott Thompson

T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey


Manifestly Haraway by Donna Haraway, Cary Wolfe

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene Donna Haraway

A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark

The Xenofeminist Manifesto by Laboria Cuboniks

From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto On the Freedom Of Form by Martine Rothblatt

#Accelerate: The Accelerationist Reader by Robin Mackay, Armen Avanessian

Dark Deleuze by Andrew Culp

Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution by David Harvey

Distrust That Particular Flavor by William Gibson

The Arcades Project by Walter Benjamin


The Invisibles by Grant Morrison

Promethea by Alan Moore

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

The Psychonaut Field Manual by Bluefluke

The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson

Beyond the Occult by Colin Wilson

Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine

Caliban and the Witch - Silvia Federici

Stealing Fire From Heaven by Nevill Drury

Postmodern Magick by Patrick Dunn

The Chaos Protocols: Magical Techniques for Navigating the New Economic Reality by Gordon White